The United Muslim Organizations of Ottawa-Gatineau (UMO-OG) is a consortium of 13 prominent Islamic organizations that strives to reflect and act upon the needs and views of the community.

The UMO-OG has been in operation under different names since 2009. While each member organization operates independently, the UMO-OG facilitates important collaboration in areas such as education, social services, charitable works, public relations, large community events and response to major crisis situations.

The UMO-OG prides itself on fostering necessary collaboration between Islamic organizations, community service providers, various faith groups and government agencies. The work of the UMO-OG reflects its priorities as Muslim communities contribute time and resources to help make Ottawa and Gatineau the great place that it is.

A person holds a box filled with food that says "A gift from your Muslim community"

We are committed to helping anyone in need of assistance who is struggling with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our relief and support services are available to individuals from all communities, cultures, and faiths.

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